• Noor Al Najah – Center for Skills
    Journey to Excellence
  • Noor Al Najah – Center for Skills
    Journey to Excellence

What We Do


NAN offers a challenging, broad, innovative learning experience. our programs promote a strong foundation in the academic disciplines, a broad exposure to the liberal arts and selective opportunities to pursue individual interests. As students progress through the grades, the program becomes increasingly flexible and offers a wide array of electives beyond the core development.


At the time of becoming part of the NAN institute experience, parents are required to sign forms accepting rules and policies of the institute and to provide the information in the admission application form. Documents required are as follows 1.photocopy of Emirates ID of parent and child. 2. two recent passport size photographs of the student.


Since inception our overarching goal has been to make NAN a happy institute for various activities for the overall developing of kids. Our aim is to enhance the all round development of children and present them to society with balanced, perceptive and ethical individual. Where teaching is a pleasure and learning is a joy. Our excellent learning programs are complimented by state-of-the-art faculties and resources and our focus on academic and co-curricular opportunities facilitate student holistic education. NAN believes that every student is a unique entity with a unique pace and method of learning. It is therefore essential to incorporate various methods of inputs ranging from moving pictures to written words to ensure that students can find a teaching style that best suits their purpose.


NAN aims to create a dynamic future generation that can imagine and innovate their own revolutions. We aim at the student holistic development in the most exciting way. Through the inquiry-based learning system we aim to cultivate a higher order of thinking skills in our students. Academic excellence Innovative teaching methods to nurture the potentials of the students, driving them towards achieving academic excellence. Following the Socratic method that help students think deeply and to stimulate critical thinking about a topic, rather than simply providing with them answers. Personal attention A team of skilled and experienced teachers who are experts in their respective fields to cater to the curiosities of each. The students of NAN are encouraged to develop the habits of mind in a joyful learning method. Safe atmosphere Comprehensive measures to ensure the safety of our students. The secured atmosphere ensured through surveillance cameras.

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